Ways Cold Weather Can be Good for Your Skin 

Are you a winter person who survives in cool temperatures, or a sun lover who likes spending time in the summer months? Regardless of which season you prefer, all of us probably know that weather can affect our skincare routine.  

The Winter season can suck out the moisture of your skin, leaving it flaky, dry, and dull. Not to mention the issue of having chapped lips. However, the winter season can also bring some advantages to our skin. Cooler temperature can benefit your skin in ways you never thought before. Plus, it can help you with anti-aging issues.  

If you think we’re bluffing here, check out the following explanation about how your skin can benefit from the winter season according to the skincare specialists from Eagle dermatology. Keep on reading to know more about this: 

Cold temperatures can put colors on your cheeks 

Slightly chilly temperatures cause your blood vessels to become responsive. That explains why your cheeks become red. For that reason, you can just leave your blush makeup in your house and you can still head out in the cold with that all-natural, rosy-cheeked, and bright-eyed look.  

The cold water helps in rejuvenating the face 

Consider the rejuvenating effect of using cold water and splashing it on your face during the mornings. It can help keep your skin radiant, vibrant, and tight. In the same way, your skin can also experience the rejuvenating effect in cold weather.  

Because of that, your skin can benefit from cold showers. Coldwater can tighten your pores and cuticles, which will keep them from being clogged. Aside from that, it can seal the pores in your skin, keeping dirt from reaching inside. Hot water only tends to make your skin dry out.  

Winter weather encourages circulation 

Cold weather can promote good blood circulation in both the body and face—minimizing the swelling and inflammation to the face and the eyes,  

Cool nights help you sleep well 

Having a good night’s sleep is important for skin health—minimizing circles beneath your eyes and ensuring that your complexion will be glowing always. During the summer seasons, most of us suffer from sleeplessness. Coldness can mimic the natural drop in the internal temperature of the body, which happens around 2 hours after we sleep. Thus, most sleep researchers claim that a moderately cool room can help an individual to get a full night’s rest.  

Cold weather helps clear your pores 

You can keep your pores less refined and visible and reduce clogs on them since cooler weather can serve as an astringent or tonic. Moreover, cold weather can help prevent and slow down sebum secretion, which makes the hair and skin waterproof. As a result, the shine will mostly be eliminated and acne will be reduced.  

We hope that you’ve learned some insightful information about this topic. If you want more topics like this, check out our website or let us know right away. You may also book a free skin consultation with an expert dermatologist today. 

How to Repurpose Your Old Furniture 

You don’t always have to turn your back on some old furniture that you feel are no longer serving you. You can sell your old furniture online or at a yard sale. Or, you can repurpose them to give them a new meaning and purpose to your home. Repurposing old furniture can also be a form of art. 

If you search the net for repurposing ideas, you will surely find a lot. Coming up with a new item will, of course, depend on the kind of furniture you have on hand. Here are some concepts that you can draw inspiration from. 

  1. Headboard from an old door  

This will depend on the width of the door. Wide doors can be used as headboards for beds. They will make for a strong and durable headboard. They definitely look unique too. 

  1. Message board from a mattress spring 

Mattress springs can be great or hanging items like messages, boards, bills, or even scarves, shoes and umbrellas if you fully equip them. Clean the mattress spring before painting it with a new color, or clear varnish to keep the vintage look. 

  1. Drinks bar from an old bookcase  

Bookcases are usually bulky and have large spaces to accommodate big books. If you feel like you no longer need the books but not sure what to do with the bookcase, then you can give it a new purpose of being a bar. Wines and different liquor bottles will fit in the shelves. Not to mention, you can also display your wide array of drinking glasses and other glassware. 

  1.  Shelf from a step ladder 

Step ladders can be repurposed as shelves. Smalls ones can be hung on the wall, unopened of course, and bigger ones can be put on the living room. Not only will they be functional but they will give you a unique look to any room. You can leave the finish as is, or you can have them painted for a new look. 

  1. Hanging rack from an old headboard 

Reuse an old headboard into a hanging rack simply by attaching it with a rack with hooks. You can hang different everyday items on your new hanging rack. Paint the headboard first before you attach the rack and not the other way around. 

  1. Kitchen island from a chest or dresser 

A chest or dresser can make for an amazing kitchen island. The compartments from the chest or dresser will give you a lot more room for kitchen tools and accessories. All you have to add is marble to the top of the chest. If your dresser has wheels, then it will make for a mobile kitchen island which is helpful when you clean around the kitchen. Just make sure you can lock it in place. You don’t want it moving while chopping. 

 The truth is, you can repurpose old items into new ones. But if your furniture has irreparable damages, or if you feel like you don’t need it anymore and don’t have the time to resell it, then you can go for junk removal Centennial if you want to dispose of them completely. Contact your professional junk removal services to help you with it.  

Pros and Cons Of Moving Services  

Being part of a NYC movers is a tiring but exciting job. Going from a place you know well to a whole different place where you may not have as much knowledge of as compared to your previous home. There are many times wherein we have to move to a new place due to a plethora of situations. One thing is for sure; you have to be prepared. Moving may be a hard job, but because of moving services, it has been made easy. Although, moving services do not always provide a hassle-free service. Sometimes moving services give you a headache and problems when trying to move. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a moving service. 

First of all, let us start with the cons of having to use a moving service for your moving day needs. One of the cons that a moving company would pose is the financial cost of hiring them. These moving services do not come cheap especially if you are moving to a faraway place. Having invested so much money into moving to a new home than paying an extra cost just to move your things to your new home. The moving services would cost you at least a couple of thousand dollars and would vary depending on the amount of stuff you have and the distance between your old house and the new one.   

Another con of using a moving service is the risk of getting scammed. There are numerous cases of moving scams wherein people hire movers, but they turn out to not be professionals and run away with all your furniture. This is one of the cons of using a moving company because sometimes it is hard to tell when the moving service is legitimate or just another scam. The thought of losing all your stuff is a scary thought but is something that would constantly bother you if you choose to hire movers.  

Now onto the lighter side of hiring movers, the pros of using a moving service. One benefit of hiring a moving service is less labor. When you hire movers, they will do all the heavy lifting. The only lifting you will be doing is getting some bags or clothes you will be able to fit in your car or transportation to your new home. No work means fewer things to stress about when moving. You will not be as tired when you get to your new home, and the only thing you have to worry about is your things getting to your home all in one piece.   

These are some of the factors that would affect your decision when it comes to hiring a moving service. If you are willing to go the extra mile and break some sweat then maybe moving your stuff, yourself would be the best option. A good thing about doing it yourself is minimizing the cost. However, if you think you will not be able to do it by yourself, then the professional movers will be there to help you bring your things.